"In a World,

divided by fear,

one man must stand alone,

against the demon king.

He has to take,

one decision,

to take his loved back

from the demons.

Knight Arthur,

Princess Prin Prin,


by Riverwind77

Ghosts'n Goblins

"You're Arthur, trying to rescue princess Prin Prin, from the evil clutches of Astaroth. Arthur must challenge must make his way through 6 stages, filled with the minions of Astaroth, to final challenge the demon king himself! Will he save the princess? Or will he fall into Astaroth's devisut trap? Tune in next time for the next episode of "MAKAIMURA!!!" "

by Error

Ghouls'n Ghosts

For the second time, Princess Prin Prin (Guinevere? No, Prin Prin!) is kidnapped by Hell's legions, and it's up to the singular Knight Arthur to come to her rescue!

In the sequel to the hit arcade title, the knight has received quite a few upgrades! His controls are fine-tuned to play easier. This is the first game to introduce aiming up and down, a new strategy that is emphasized by a greater variety of vertical level designs. Arthur also has more tools to help conquer his threats: the introduction of chests allow him to pick up new weapons like the Discus and Sword, and gold armor, which allows Arthur to perform magical attacks. This is not to think the game is easier, though: Lucifer has sent more minions to do his dirty work, and introduced a bounty of bosses to keep the good knight on his toes.

The speedrun of this game is very fast, the world record being about 15 minutes in length. This comes from the game itself being very quick and very difficult to keep up with. One second-guess could send you back a whole minute in some cases, so runners must take care and reason what risks are warranted. In a similar turn, the favored weapon of choice is the fastest: the dagger. This is picked up in Level 3 in the first loop, an elevator level which allows you to go for many weapon drops. The ultimate weapon in this game, the Psycho Cannon, is significantly better than the Shield/Cross from the previous game, making the end level easier on the runner.

This is Professor F's second devious machination.

by DOSBOXFalco

Super Ghouls'n Ghosts

The princess is once again kidnapped, and it's up to Arthur to rescue her!

While slower paced than its arcade predecessor, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts retains the series' notorious difficulty.

Super Ghouls sees the introduction of Arthur's signature double jump, new weapons and magic abilites.

Be ready for all possible and impossible situations as you fight your way to Sardius' throne room!

For speedrunning, the dagger is the preferred weapon. Its long range, high damage and piercing properties make it the best allround choice.

Knowing what the game may throw at you at any time is a must! This is a nefarious game devised by Professor F.

by Fred

Ghosts'n Demons

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Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins

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